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How Georgia's Assessments Work

​​The State of Georgia is a leader in producing high-quality, balanced assessment systems that support improved teaching and learning for all of our students. The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) creates and administers assessments that are designed to support a variety of formative and summative educational purposes, such as:

  • providing teachers with important insights about learning,
  • informing parents about individual students' levels of achievement, and
  • informing policymakers about achievement outcomes for groups of students.

On this site, GaDOE provides information about the processes and procedures that are used to develop, balance, and maintain Georgia's assessment systems.​

Student Experience

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A standardized student experience is critical to ensuring all students have a fair and appropriate opportunity to show what they know and can do. Standardized testing is one source of information on learning and achievement for students, teachers, administrators, schools and school systems in Georgia and other states. Communities rely on their schools' standardized test scores to determine the success of their schools and to compare them to other communities. When tests are properly administered, scored, and interpreted with a high degree of professionalism, all the stakeholders can be guided to make reliable and appropriate decisions.

Standardization differs across assessments within a balanced assessment system, and policies are in place for Georgia's standardized formative and summative assessments to support the appropriate environment for students to demonstrate what they know and can do. 

Secure student testing experiences are critical to the integrity of Georgia's assessment program. Detailed procedures are in place regarding the handling of test materials, protection of student information, security of administration environments, and more. See Georgia's Student Assessment Handbook on the Testing/Assessment website under the For Educator link for further information on the policies in place to provide Georgia student's with secure, equitable experiences with assessments.

Standardized experiences in test administration do not require identical (equal) student experiences, but rather, requires comparable (equitable) student experiences. Accessibility and accommodations features are included in all of Georgia's assessments to ensure all students have access to the assessment content and can demonstrate achievement. Under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the Georgia State Board of Education (SBOE) Rule 160-3-1-.07, all students, including students with disabilities (SWD) and English Language Learners (ELs), must participate in the state's academic content standards and mandated assessments. In Georgia, students with disabilities in kindergarten, grades 3-8, and 11 must either participate in the general assessment or the alternate assessment. Accommodation(s) considered by local district IEP/IAP teams must be consistent with those used during classroom instruction and assessment, in keeping with the goal of an equitable student experience consistent with how students receive classroom instruction. See Georgia's Student Assessment Handbook on the Testing/Assessment website under the For Educator's link for more information on Georgia's accessibility and accommodations procedures in place for each assessment. 

Georgia offers a public ​website where ​students, parents, and educators are welcome to experience online testing for Georgia. The items on the public demonstration tests are from all grade bands and content areas, and these sample tests are not graded. The primary purpose is to let students experience, firsthand, the functionality of the online testing platform. For more on this resource, visit the site or view the video below.​


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Questions? Comments?

Contact the Georgia Department of Education toll-free at 1-800-634-4106, or visit their website at